Work With a Pro When It's Time to Replace Your Windows or Siding

Work With a Pro When It's Time to Replace Your Windows or Siding

Get the Best in Siding Repair Service & Replacement Windows

Maybe you've discovered that your window casing is rotten or your vinyl siding is cracking. You may have stumbled on a few videos that make siding repairs or a window installation look easy. Instead of attempting a do-it-yourself project and installing your siding or window incorrectly, contact JG Contracting, LLC. We'll make sure your windows and siding not only look good, but also offer the best weather protection money can buy.

You can feel confident choosing us as your window or siding repair service. Here are five reasons why you should call JG Contracting first:

1. We'll bring all of the tools required to complete the job.
2. We'll handle and install your windows or siding properly.
3. We carry a full line of top-quality polymer windows and siding.
4. We have years of experience installing windows and repairing siding.
5. We'll save you time by completing the job quickly.

When you need to call a window installation or siding repair service, look no further than JG Contracting. Contact us today.

Want to save money on your monthly utility bills?

You'd be surprised how much your windows contribute to your home's energy efficiency. When you want to reduce your monthly utility bills with a window installation, you have options. Depending on your budget, you can ask us about installing:

  • New construction windows: This type of window replacement involves installing a new frame and nailing fin.
  • Window inserts: Installing these windows just means putting new glass in an old frame.
  • Retrofit windows: If you want to invest in the latest energy-efficient windows on the market, ask us to install triple-pane windows.

Find out which of these window installations is right for you. Contact JG Contracting today to speak with an exterior representative.

New cedar siding and windows in Lone Jack, MO

New siding and windows Lone Jack, MO





JG Contracting offers a full line of top quality polymer windows and siding.

They not only look good but provide the best weather protection money can buy. It's the perfect way to ensure that your home is energy efficient from top to bottom. We want you to get the most value you can for your money. These state of the art energy efficient products working together will help you get the most savings you can during the peaks of any season. You and your home deserve the best!

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