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Roof Critters Cause Roofs to Fall Apart

People don’t often think about their roof until there is a problem with it. It is important to know the types of animals aka critters in your area that seek refuge on top of your roof. 

When critters get on top of your roof and make a home for themselves, you are in for trouble sooner or later as the droppings and leftover food particles could cause fungus and mold, this will destroy your roof. 

This is why it is utmost important to get your roof cleaned and examined at least once a year, depending on the condition of your current roof structure.

You also should get your roof looked at after any major weather event that your area suffers from. 

If your roof gets to the point where it falls apart, you will have to spend loads of money, this is why taking care of the problem when it is small is a better idea. So, now you are probably thinking, what types of critters are able to get onto your roof? Read further to find out. 

Roof Critters to Watch Out for:

    • Raccoons find their way to roofs
    • Birds will make a home on your roof
    • Squirrels 
    • Mice/rats
    • Possums
    • Bats

How do you determine whether or not you have critters on top of your roof? First off, you need to make sure that you don’t hear any noises.

If critters are in fact existing above you, then you will most likely hear their activity during the night. These creatures are active at night. 

Take a stroll to your attic if it is in safe conditions, if you see any holes, you will need to have this patched up right away. Matters could get a lot worse quickly.

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If a critter managed to make their way into your attic from your roof access, then you will need to call JG Contracting immediately. These types of pests and their feces are extremely hazardous to everyone’s health. If you get to this point, you will need to call pest control before our roofers near you fix your roof.

If you happen to see any signs of critters on your roof, you will need an inspection. In order to maintain your structure, you need to take care of your roof, as it protects you and your family from the treacherous weather that precariously enters our lives.

For a roof evaluation, call 816-253-8762 for a free estimate, at JG Contracting, roofers nearby, we have seen it all.

Critters like to set up shop on our roofs; we believe in protecting your health and your roof. You can get ill from the critters and their leftovers.

If you don’t act now, but the signs are there, you will have to pay more if you neglect the situation.

Keep in mind, if you live in an area that is full of trees, you will need to have experts trim them. Do not give critters easy access to your roof. Your home is yours, not theirs, don’t let critters take over your property. Give us a call at 816-253-8762 and take charge of your roof decisions today. 

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