Michael Tweedie - Quality Control Supervisor

Michael Tweedie - Quality Control Supervisor

Michael’s background was in management for the Cracker Barrel Corporation. For anyone who understands that business, they’ll know the major commitment it takes to be successful at it.

When Joe Gentle met Michael, he immediately knew he would be better served working with JG Contracting and asked him to “give it a shot”. His first reaction was a bit skeptical, but when he came in and visited our office and met our team, he realized the opportunity.

Michael came on board as Production Manager and quickly picked up the tasks involved, to the point where he was promoted to Production Supervisor.

His managing skills enabled him to own this position and refine it to where JG is accomplishing more jobs per week now than ever before. His organizational and people skills are awesome as well as his ability to develop and manage his department including all aspects of production which include all trades.

His responsibilities are ordering, scheduling, supplementing, working with insurance adjusters and communicating with our homeowners.

Since Michael has been on board, he’s brought an enhanced professionalism to JG Contracting and we are truly better served for having him. We are extremely proud to call Michael Tweedie a JG family member.