Welcome to JG Contracting's Helping Hands Program

Helping Hands is exactly what it says it is... A helping hand up for someone in your community , congregation or membership that may not have insurance on their property or perhaps their property is not insurable due to age or maybe they already had a claim and needed that money for a family emergency and now they are no longer insured on that property.

Whatever the hardship is, it doesn't matter. That person now may have the opportunity to get that much needed work done in our "Helping Hands Program".

Here's how it works...

Whether you are a church, a neighborhood association or any type of organization with a membership like a Moose Lodge, Lions Club or American Legion, you can participate in this program.

Simply get together with your organization and choose a person you want to bless with our Helping Hands program. JG Contracting will estimate the work they need. Then people in the group with insurance allows JG Contracting to do a FREE inspection on their property for hail/ wind damage. When damage is identified and a claim is called in, JG Contracting will meet with the insurance adjuster and when that claim is approved and the work completed, JG Contracting will take 10% of the profit from that job and put it in an escrow account. When there is enough money in that account to perform the Helping Hands work it will be scheduled and performed with no expense to the Helping Hands participant.

For example... You have a church with 500 members. If just 50 members allows us to do FREE property inspections and just 80% (40) had damage and claims are called in and just 80% (32) are approved at the average claim of $10,000.00 (roofs, gutters, siding, windows, etc) that would gross JG Contracting $320,000.00 in work performed. At a 30% average profit margin that would profit JG Contracting $96,000.00 and 10% of that profit ($9,600.00) is es-crowed and that would give us enough money to perform the helping hands project!

So now we have a true circle of You, helping us helping someone else ( Helping Hands).
You would be shocked to know how many people with insurance have hail damage and never had their property inspected. By allowing us to inspect your property you are creating a true win/ win/ win by potentially getting your property restored through homeowner's insurance and allowing us to donate 10% of our profit from that job to restore someone else's property.
Please fill out the contact form and a Helping Hands representative will call you and answer any questions you have.

Thank You,
Joe Gentle, Owner JG Contracting