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Gutter Services

roofing contractors kansas city
Owner Joe Gentle shakes the hand of Gutter and Gutter Helment division supervisor Billy Norton

Gutter Installation and Gutter Covers in the Kansas City Metro 

Wind and hail storms can be devastating to gutters, whether they’re aluminum, copper, steel or any other material. From hail damage to rust to dents to punctures, JG Contracting is here to provide top-tier, professional gutter installation and covers homes in the Kansas City area. 

Protecting Your Property 

Gutter covers are imperative for proper drainage. Without working gutters on your home, water will not be properly directed away from your siding and foundation, which may cause flooding in your basement or crawl space. 

Furthermore, excess moisture in the soil around your home can cause expensive damage to your home’s foundation, not to mention your garden and lawn will be destroyed.  

roofing contractors kansas city
Leaf No More Gutter Cover
JG Contracting worker cleaning gutter installation in a Kansas City, MO house

Bulldog Gutter Screen

roof shingles

Gutter Maintenance 

Overall, gutters are essential for the protection and longevity of houses and buildings. They even prevent erosion to the surrounding land. Unfortunately, you can’t simply install gutters and forget about them forever. Gutters require a little bit of routine maintenance and care in order to function as intended. 

If you ever find yourself scooping heavy piles of leaves or clumps of soil out of your gutters, it’s likely that you’re not cleaning them often enough. If you notice weeds or plants growing in your gutters, you’ve probably neglected them long enough to cause damage to your gutters. 

Failing to provide proper maintenance to your gutters can result in damming or leakage, and this built up water can even leak into your house. Also, neglecting your gutters can lead to mosquitoes breeding in the backed up pools of water. Dried leaves in your gutters can even pose a fire hazard. 

At JG Contracting, we ensure water doesn’t flood your yard or your home due to faulty gutters. We use five-inch seamless gutters as a standard, available in the color of your choice with 3 x 4-inch standard downspouts for improved water flow away from your home. Six-inch gutters are also available upon request, to provide greater water protection for your home, your foundation, and your property. 

roofing contractors kansas city


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JG contracting met and exceeded my expectations with the work that was done and their customer service. The fact that they kept me in the loop on everything that was being coordinated and scheduled meant a lot to us. Its refreshing to do buisness with contractors like JG that will help restore and perfect your home without anything to worry about. They finished in the same manor they started with professionalism and customer care. Thank you JG!

We were selling our house and needed to get a new roof on fast and they were able to respond quickly to my needs and they contacted my insurance company to get the work approved by them so that I only had to pay my deductible. They were able to complete the job prior to closing to meet my needs and they provided a warranty for the new owner. Fast and friendly service and listened to my needs and worked to exceed my expectations. The yard was clear of any debris once they completed the work.

The best roofing company in the country !

It was great working with JG Contracting Randie Woods, the Project Manager, was always helpful with any concerns I had and kept me up to date on when the crews would be here. The crews were friendly and did a wonderful job on our roof and gutters/downspouts. Quinn did outstanding work on the leaf guards and Aaron did an awesome job on the repair of the upstairs ceilings, and always arrived at the appointed time. They stand by their work!

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