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Nicole Thomas - Ordering & Scheduling

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Nicole Thomas has 10 years experience in various management positions. Nicole met David Lindsey in July, 2016 and he was so impressed with her work ethic and skills, immediately hired her to be his personal assistant as his siding and windows coordinator. Nicole’s responsibilities are ordering & scheduling jobs, working with our installers, customer service and checking each job for 100% homeowner satisfaction. Her attention to detail is impeccable and we at JG Contracting are extremely proud to have Nicole as one of our family members.

David Lindsey - Vice President

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David Lindsey is regarded as the top siding & windows expert in the Midwest. David has over 45 years experience in this business having owned and operated 2 companies and consulted many others. David’s expertise is not only having relationships with suppliers and his installers, but very solid relationships with his customers. In fact, when Joe Gentle met David Lindsey he was most impressed how their business philosophy aligned so much on customer service.

It wasn’t easy for Joe to convince David to come on board as JG’s Vice President of siding & windows, but after 4 meetings and much prayer they both agreed that JG Contracting is where “Team Lindsey” should be. David accepted Joe’s offer and now JG has, not only the highest quality roofing and gutters division, but the highest quality siding & windows division as well. We at JG are very careful when we use the words “highest quality”, but we say this with 100% confidence and we have the testimonies to prove it. JG Contracting is honored to have David and his team exclusively on board with us and since David’s arrival siding and windows at JG Contracting has never been better

Billy Norton - Gutter Div. Supervisor

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Billy owned and operated his own gutter and gutter helmet company for over 15 years. When Joe Gentle started JG Contracting he hired Billy’s company as his gutters/ helmets sub contractor. As JG grew and because of Billy Norton’s attention to detail and outstanding work ethic, Joe Gentle asked Billy to come on board full time working exclusively for JG Contracting. JG acquired Billy’s company and now has its own gutters and gutter helmet division headed up by Billy Norton and the best gutter and helmet crew in the industry.
JG is proud to have Billy and his crew as JG’s new family members!


Rob Atkins-Twin Cities General Manager

Rob has over 20 years experience in all aspects of the contracting business including roofing, siding, gutters and windows. He has owned and operated his own business for years and although was successful, found the challenge of developing professional teams in severe storm locations much more fulfilling both personally and financially.

Rob worked for various companies all over the country and when he called Joe Gentle about a severe hail storm that hit the Twin Cities, Joe immediately knew he needed to partner with Rob and expand his mid-west operation to include that location.

Both Rob and Joe have similar vision for contracting, wanting to serve their customers through a local location and with a professional approach to hail and wind restoration. Both men agree that the customer always comes first and seek to perform each job with 100% homeowner satisfaction.

Rob came on board with JG Contracting as General Manager of their new location in Coon Rapids, MN and in a very short period of time established a local presence for our Twin Cities residents. Rob’s responsibilities are vast including developing professional Project Managers, ordering, scheduling and overseeing each job to homeowner satisfaction.

JG Contracting is licensed and insured as a Minnesota Roofing Contractor and is extremely proud to call Rob Atkins our new family member.

The Team

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Sabrina Tweedie - AR Manager

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When JG needed assistance in accounts receivable, Brandi, our office manager, suggested we hire Sabrina. Sabrina quickly proved her right. She is extremely organized, courteous and hard working. Sabrina’s primary duties are running our accounts receivables and customer service.

Matt Tweedie - Ordering And Scheduling

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Matt’s background is in the restaurant management industry. He’s worked for various large corporations and although did very well financially found the late hours and working holidays wasn’t something he wanted to pursue. His organizational skills and strong work ethic made him the perfect fit for JG’s ordering and scheduling dept. Matt’s responsibilities are ordering & scheduling all of JG’s roofing jobs, working with project managers, assisting with insurance companies, customer service and supplementing code upgrades. We are very proud to call Matt a JG family member.

Brandi Tweedie- Office Manager

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 Brandi’s experience in management includes restaurant management and sales coordinator for two very successful companies. She worked long hours often working weekends and holidays. This was challenging for her as a wife and mom and when the opportunity came for Joe & Dawn to hire an office manager for JG’s independence office, Brandi was first on the list. Brandi accepted the office manager position and quickly excelled to one of JG’s most valuable assets. Brandi’s duties include customer service, final invoicing, working with insurance carriers and keeping the office running like a clock. We are very happy to have Brandi as a JG family member.

Derek Hutchens - Production Assistant

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Derek came on board with JG Contracting originally working as a Project Manager on his brother Ryan’s team. When the position of Production Assistant became available, we asked him to fill that and we are grateful he accepted. 
     Derek’s responsibilities include pulling and delivering permits, checking jobs, working directly with the production department and the General Foreman, making sure material is correct, jobs are cleaned up to homeowner satisfaction and building and establishing relationships with our homeowners. 
     Derek is very committed to his job and to JG Contracting and we are proud to have him as a JG family member.

Delvon Lee - General Foreman

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Delvon Lee started with JG Contracting as a Project Manager and did such a great job he was promoted to General Foreman. Joe Gentle was very impressed with Delvon’s attention to detail which is extremely important for this position. 
     His duties include checking each job, making sure material is delivered, properties are properly tarped and prepared for roof replacements, building relationships with our homeowners and supervising the progression of each “build”. He also works directly with production and trades helping coordinate and facilitate each job so it runs smoothly and efficiently.  
     This is no easy task but Delvon has taken it on and owned it in JG fashion. We are very impressed with Delvon’s achievements and proud to have him as a member of our JG family.

Sherry Neth - HR Manager

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Sherry comes from the corporate world as an operations manager for a privately held company for 17 years. When that company was bought by a fortune 500 company, she continued as an office manager for three years, but lost the feeling of being a part of a working family and started looking for an opportunity. When Joe Gentle heard she was available, he immediately contacted her and presented the philosophy of JG Contracting and the opportunity of being a part of a company that sees its employees as partners and their homeowners as family.  
     It didn’t take long for Sherry to come on board as JG’s Human Resources Manager. Her duties include keeping JG Contracting compliant in HR, payroll and insurance, as well as assisting with homeowner claims. She works full-time at JG’s Lakewood showroom in Lees Summit, MO and is a big part of the success of JG Contracting. JG is proud to call Sherry family.

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