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Our Mission...
"To Serve our Customers with Quality, Integrity, Communication and Always Strive for 100% Homeowner Satisfaction".
Owner : Joe Gentle
The Management
Joe Gentle - Owner  
     For 25 years, Joe Gentle was very successful building an international marketing business. Originally from NJ, now residing in Independence, MO. Joe saw a niche to fill in the contracting business. He saw the need for trust, integrity and professional workmanship and started JG Contracting on those values. He also understood how to build a professional team of “equity share partners” who have a personal interest in the company vs. having just a job. His vision for JG contracting is to be the highest quality contractor in America and that vision has come true. Joe was raised with family values and your word is your bond and treats every partner and homeowner like family, using only the highest quality material as if he was working on his own home. To Joe, whether you live in a $100,000.00 home or a $1,000,000.00 home, that’s someone’s castle and he treats every property with the same professional attention to detail.  
     Joe is an excellent money manager making sure all partners and tradesmen are paid weekly and all bills and suppliers are paid in full. His philosophy is simple… Build people and people will build the business. Joe takes great pride in JG Contracting and is extremely grateful for the commitment of it’s partners and extremely grateful for the opportunity to earn the business of the greatest people in the world, right here in Kansas City and the surrounding metro.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Dawn Gentle - Business Development Coordinator

     Dawn’s background in sales and hospitality makes her a perfect fit in JG’s Business Development Dept. As the Coordinator Dawn’s responsibilities are working as an Ambassador with various city chambers, attending functions, networking and building relationships with our fellow local business partners. Joe and Dawn are husband and wife so her interest in JG is a broader picture as owner but has a unique perspective on giving and loving our staff and homeowners. 
We’re very excited here at JG Contracting to have Dawn on our team.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Rob Atkins  - General Manager  - Twin-Cities,  Minnesota Office
     Rob has over 20 years experience in all aspects of the contracting business including roofing, siding, gutters and windows. He has owned and operated his own business for years and although was successful, found the challenge of developing professional teams in severe storm locations much more fulfilling both personally and financially.  
     Rob worked for various companies all over the country and when he called Joe Gentle about a severe hail storm that hit the Twin Cities, Joe immediately knew he needed to partner with Rob and expand his mid-west operation to include that location.  
     Both Rob and Joe have similar vision for contracting, wanting to serve their customers through a local location and with a professional approach to hail and wind restoration. Both men agree that the customer always comes first and seek to perform each job with 100% homeowner satisfaction.  
     Rob came on board with JG Contracting as General Manager of their new location in Coon Rapids, MN and in a very short period of time established a local presence for our Twin Cities residents. Rob's responsibilities are vast including developing professional Project Managers, ordering, scheduling and overseeing each job to homeowner satisfaction.  
     JG Contracting is licensed and insured as a Minnesota Roofing Contractor and is extremely proud to call Rob Atkins our new family member.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Jacob Parnell - General Manager
     Jacob’s career in the contracting business started when he was a child, working with his dad and uncle. He was taught a strong work ethic early on and how there’s a right way and a wrong way when installing a roofing system. That education paid off working for various contractors as a Canvass Manager and eventually a General Manager but never really felt he had a stake in the decision making of the company. 
     As a family man, he wanted an opportunity vs. a job so he can secure their financial future. Joe Gentle knew Jacob from the industry and knew he would be happy at JG Contracting. Jacob accepted the position of Operations Supervisor and worked directly with the canvassers and sales department and directly with JG’s production department unifying both sales and production which is no easy task.  
     Jacob proved to be a solid asset to JG's operation treating this business like his own and was promoted to General Manager. His responsibilities are now to develop and manage his own team of Project Managers instilling in them our vision for contracting. 
Jacob primarily works out of the Independence, MO office developing his team and we are proud to have him a part of our JG family.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Jake Edwards -General Sales Manager
     Jake Edwards has 15 years experience working for Sprint a Senior Projrct Manager. Joe Gentle met his mother, Kathy Edwards, President of Rachel House, at a training seminar and when Kathy heard the JG story she thought of her son to join the JG team. 
     Jake called Joe Gentle and Joe immediatley heard Jakes awesome sincerity and knowledge of developing people and scheduled Jake to come in and check out the JG opportunity. 
     Jake immediatley came on board as a Project Manager and quickly exceled in that position. When the position of General Sales Manager became available there was no better fit then to offer that position to Jake Edwards. Jake accepted the position and we are blessed he did. Jake's responsibilities are vast, concentrating on recruiting Project Managers, developing current Project Managers into Senior Project Managers, developing relationships with our homeowners and making sure each job is properly supervised and completed to homeowner satisfaction. 
      We are excited to have Jake on board at JG Contracting and proud to call him a family member.  

Owner : Joe Gentle
Dave Muolo - General Manager
     Dave came on board with JG Contracting originally working as a Project Manager. When the position of General Manager became available, we asked him to fill that and we are grateful he accepted. 
     Daves's responsibilities include checking jobs, working directly with the production department and the General Foreman, making sure material is correct, jobs are cleaned up to homeowner satisfaction and building and establishing relationships with our homeowners. 
     Dave is very committed to his job and to JG Contracting and we are proud to have him as a JG family member.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Brian Irvine - Director of Marketing
     Brian met Joe Gentle at a local restaurant and started talking to him about looking for a new career after retiring from his six-figure sales and marketing business. Joe shared his vision for expanding JG Contracting with a “showroom” in Lakewood, Lees Summit, MO., and thought Brian would be a perfect fit for working from that showroom getting the word out about JG Contracting and our stellar workmanship and commitment to being the highest quality contractor in America, who just happens to be in Kansas City, MO.  
     Brian immediately came on board and was instrumental in facilitating our Lakewood Showroom grand opening and arranging various advertising opportunities for JG Contracting. Being a resident of Lakewood, he organizes community events, as well as assisting homeowners with questions or concerns when choosing a contractor. Whether it’s a golf outing or sitting with a homeowner over a cup of coffee, Brian’s commitment to educating homeowners on why they can trust JG Contracting is priceless. Brian is proud to call JG his home and JG is honored to have him in their family.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Michael Tweedie - Production Supervisor
     Michael's background was in management for the Cracker Barrel Corporation. For anyone who understands that business, they'll know the major commitment it takes to be successful at it. 
     When Joe Gentle met Michael, he immediately knew he would be better served working with JG Contracting and asked him to "give it a shot". His first reaction was a bit skeptical, but when he came in and visited our office and met our team, he realized the opportunity. 
      Michael came on board as Production Manager and quickly picked up the tasks involved, to the point where he was promoted to Production Supervisor. 
     His managing skills enabled him to own this position and refine it to where JG is accomplishing more jobs per week now than ever before. His organizational and people skills are awesome as well as his ability to develop and manage his department including all aspects of production which include all trades.  
     His responsibilities are ordering, scheduling, supplementing, working with insurance adjusters and communicating with our homeowners. 
     Since Michael has been on board, he's brought an enhanced professionalism to JG Contracting and we are truly better served for having him. We are extremely proud to call Michael Tweedie a JG family member.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Sherry Bonner - HR Manager
     Sherry comes from the corporate world as an operations manager for a privately held company for 17 years. When that company was bought by a fortune 500 company, she continued as an office manager for three years, but lost the feeling of being a part of a working family and started looking for an opportunity. When Joe Gentle heard she was available, he immediately contacted her and presented the philosophy of JG Contracting and the opportunity of being a part of a company that sees its employees as partners and their homeowners as family.  
     It didn’t take long for Sherry to come on board as JG’s Human Resources Manager. Her duties include keeping JG Contracting compliant in HR, payroll and insurance, as well as assisting with homeowner claims. She works full-time at JG’s Lakewood showroom in Lees Summit, MO and is a big part of the success of JG Contracting. JG is proud to call Sherry family.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Delvon Lee - General Foreman
     Delvon Lee started with JG Contracting as a Project Manager and did such a great job he was promoted to General Foreman. Joe Gentle was very impressed with Delvon's attention to detail which is extremely important for this position. 
     His duties include checking each job, making sure material is delivered, properties are properly tarped and prepared for roof replacements, building relationships with our homeowners and supervising the progression of each "build". He also works directly with production and trades helping coordinate and facilitate each job so it runs smoothly and efficiently.  
     This is no easy task but Delvon has taken it on and owned it in JG fashion. We are very impressed with Delvon's achievements and proud to have him as a member of our JG family.

Owner : Joe Gentle
Derek Hutchens - Production Assistant
     Derek came on board with JG Contracting originally working as a Project Manager on his brother Ryan's team. When the position of Production Assistant became available, we asked him to fill that and we are grateful he accepted. 
     Derek's responsibilities include pulling and delivering permits, checking jobs, working directly with the production department and the General Foreman, making sure material is correct, jobs are cleaned up to homeowner satisfaction and building and establishing relationships with our homeowners. 
     Derek is very committed to his job and to JG Contracting and we are proud to have him as a JG family member.

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Project Managers
     At JG Contracting we pride ourselves in customer service.  We work for you. From the very begining until the last bit of debris is picked up we have a dedicated Project Manager that works with you.  They ensure that you are aware of what is going on during the process to make certain that once we start until we finish you as the home owner won't have any surprises, or issues. Our Project Managers are there for you. They are there to address any questions, or concerns you may have and to make sure your home installation goes according to schedule and plan. We make sure they maintain a level of professionalism that is above and beyond our competition.  We want you to have a great experience, and thats why we hire the very best of the best to work directly with you.  At the end of the day there is no better feeling than knowing your home and your family has been well taken care of. That's why we make sure our Project Managers treat every job as though it is there own home , from start to finish , every job.

     JG Contracting is proud to be an active member in the Kansas City and Twin-Cities communities. We put forth every effort to make a difference in the lives of those around us, by providing sponsorships, equipment and more. 
     At JG Contracting, we are honored to extend our support to the following organizations: 
The Independence Veterans baseball team 
The Missouri Mavericks hockey team 
Overland Park’s new hockey 
Blue Springs’ Little League Bangers

Please send us your thought's, we appreciate your time !

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