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Gutter Repair in the Kansas City Metro 

Wind and hail storms can be devastating to gutters, whether they’re aluminum, copper, steel or any other material. From hail damage to rust to dents to punctures, JG Contracting is here to provide top-tier, professional gutter repair and gutter maintenance to homes in the Kansas City area. 

Protecting Your Property 
Gutter repair and maintenance are imperative for proper drainage. Without working gutters on your home, water will not be properly directed away from your siding and foundation, which may cause flooding in your basement or crawl space. Furthermore, excess moisture in the soil around your home can cause expensive damage to your home’s foundation, not to mention your garden and lawn will be destroyed. 
Gutter Maintenance 
Overall, gutters are essential for the protection and longevity of houses and buildings. They even prevent erosion to the surrounding land. Unfortunately, you can’t simply install gutters and forget about them forever. Gutters require a little bit of routine maintenance and care in order to function as intended. If you ever find yourself scooping heavy piles of leaves or clumps of soil out of your gutters, it’s likely that you’re not cleaning them often enough. If you notice weeds or plants growing in your gutters, you’ve probably neglected them long enough to cause damage to your gutters. 
Failing to provide proper maintenance to your gutters can result in damming or leakage, and this built up water can even leak into your house. Also, neglecting your gutters can lead to mosquitoes breeding in the backed up pools of water. Dried leaves in your gutters can even pose a fire hazard. 
At JG Contracting, we ensure water doesn’t flood your yard or your home due to faulty gutters. We use five-inch seamless gutters as a standard, available in the color of your choice with 3 x 4-inch standard downspouts for improved water flow away from your home. Six-inch gutters are also available upon request, to provide greater water protection for your home, your foundation, and your property. 

4 Reasons
to Replace Storm-Damaged Gutters
 With Seamless Gutters.... 

Gutters are easily damaged by storms with high winds and heavy hail. You should check your gutters after a storm passes through to make sure they still work properly and haven’t been blown down. Even if your gutters seem okay, they may be knocked out of alignment. If that’s the case, water won't drain as well if the slope of the troughs is altered. 
Also, your gutters could be working, but they may be an eyesore if they're covered in dents from hail strikes. Sometimes, gutter damage can be repaired, but other times, it's best to get new gutters put on, especially if yours are old. 
If it's time to get new gutters, then consider choosing the seamless variety. Below are four advantages of replacing your storm-damaged gutters with seamless gutters. 

Leaks Are Eliminated 
One of the main benefits of a seamless system is that there are fewer seams, so there are fewer places that work loose and start to leak. However, a seamless gutter system does have a few seams. The long troughs don't have any, but there are seams where the troughs bend around corners and where the gutters connect to the downspout. 
Traditional troughs are made up of sections that snap together, weld together or are joined together with adhesive. This is necessary because sectional gutters are mass produced in standard lengths. You have to cut pieces and join them together to come up with the right gutter length for your home. 
Eventually, the seams in the sectional gutters work loose and water starts dripping through. A leaky gutter causes all kinds of problems for your home, so this situation should be avoided. A good way to do that is to have seamless gutters installed. 

Clogs Don't Form As Easily 
Another problem with seams in sectional gutters is that they form a small ridge or bump inside the gutters. This can be enough to catch a twig or pile of leaves as they float by. The debris keeps building until the gutter trough is clogged and rain spills over the side. 
This problem doesn't happen with seamless gutters because they are even and smooth inside. There is nothing to grab onto leaves or twigs, so debris will just flow through to the downspout. 
Several Colors Are Available 
Seamless gutters are custom made for your house. They are extruded on the spot after careful measurements are taken. The contractor chooses the aluminum in a color of your choice and then feeds the material into equipment that makes the gutters. You'll get to choose a color that matches your house the best. 
The color is applied at the time the aluminum is made, so you don't have to worry about it flaking off. If you ever want to change the color of your gutters, you can paint them any color you want. You don't have to sacrifice good looks because you're having the gutters custom made. In fact, seamless gutters usually look much better on your home, since there is no bulky seam in the trough on the front of your house. 
Less Maintenance Is Needed 
No matter what kind of gutters you buy, you'll have to do at least some maintenance each year to keep them working like they should. However, seamless gutters require less work to keep them in shape. Because they don't leak as much or clog up as easily, you'll have fewer repairs to make to keep them working properly. Clean out the leaves and hose off the troughs, and your seamless gutters will look good for many years to come. 
If you're dealing with storm damage that affected your gutters, call JG Contracting for repair or replacement with seamless gutters. You'll get prompt, professional service that gets your gutters back in working order. 


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